About | Misses and Misters Kids Co.

Misses and Misters Kids Co. is an online refuge for parents who love design not only for themselves but also for their children. The online boutique features a hand-picked selection of international high-fashion brands for children mixed with some national newcomer brands. Playful clothes with a cool touch, from minimalistic to bohemian. Founded by Thuy Nguyen-Daxenbichler after she gave birth to her daughter the idea to set up a place for the cool kids grew up and went live in early 2014. So she quit her job as a Marketing Assistant to keep on going for her own thing. Thuy was born in Vietnam and came to Germany when she was two after she fled Vietnam by boat with her family. Being influenced by Vietnamese tradition and German culture she combines both in her love for colorful patterns with a functional straightness. Today Misses and Misters Kids Co. shows up in a warm and strong identity with mostly handwritten letterings by Thuy's husband, a german designer.