S A V E - T H E - O C E A N

Our oceans are huge, they cover almost three quarters of our planet. But today there are thousands of particles of plastic waste in every square kilometer of the sea. It is the legacy of our children we are destroying. The natural resources of the earth are part of their future. Driven by the idea that everybody is part of the problem - and the solution - we want to do our bit. For this reason we turned our love for the beaches and oceans into the set up of our crowdsourcing project SAVE THE OCEAN. We want to give back. Helping save the ocean starts with you. 

For every S-T-O product you purchase we donate a portion of the sale to our nonprofit partners helping to save our seas. We believe that S-T-O is only a small part of the solution. 
But what we do together, changes how we live.

S-T-O supports the Clean Ocean Project, a nonprofit organization from Fuerteventura.
All Clean Ocean Project pictures by Patrick Ohligschläger.